How to travel with Pets

Pets are not just our buddies, they mean the life to us.

There are pet parents on the Triplived app who looking for newer and easier ways on ‘how to travel with pets’.

Be it birds or animals, we don’t want to leave them behind, instead bring them to experience the adventures with us!

The great thing about travel with pets is, it is well recognised by Indian Airlines and Railways too. Nearly all airlines allow travelling with pets, provided you have intimated the authorities well in advance, before the journey.

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Here’s where you should travel in August

Honey is to bears, what monsoon is to travellers! They are drawn towards exotic destinations. Travellers on the Triplived app are already clicking pictures, posting them, sharing experiences and inspiring through their travel tales.

Most of you will already be ready with packed bags, but puzzled when it comes to the right location.

Here’s some of the best destinations, you should visit in August-

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Travel solo this monsoon

It’s monsoon. The traveller in you cannot resist packing a bag, grabbing a few essentials and heading out to the lush green mountains and soaking in all the beauty, nature bestows upon you! It’s that time of the year when Nature is grinning and alluring you with mystical clouds, refreshing greenery, and gushing waterfalls. You are eager than ever to take a trip and live it with Triplived!

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